• The core of the Blitz++ library was written by Todd Veldhuizen.
  • Julian Cummings is effectively the primary maintainer of Blitz these days.
  • Patrick Guio has contributed substantial support and maintenance work on blitz.
  • Allan Stokes has done a lot of work on the Intel C++ port of Blitz++, and has contributed random numbers code.
  • Sameer Shende (University of Oregon) has helped integrate Blitz++ and the Tau portable profiling tools
  • Brendan Kehoe of Cygnus Solutions helped incorporate the autoconf and configure utilities into Blitz++, and has included Blitz++ in the EGCS test suite.
  • John W. Eaton (U. of Wisconsin-Madison) helped a lot with integrating autoconf and configure into Blitz++.
  • Mark Mitchell did a lot of work to get Blitz++ compiling under EGCS. Mark implemented member templates, partial ordering and partial specialization, which were critical missing features. Jason Merrill has also done a lot of work on the egcs templates implementation and fixing Blitz-related bugs.
  • The folks at Kuck and Associates Inc. (particularly Arch Robison) have been a big help, providing free access to their compiler and rapid response to problems.

Porting and Testing

Many thanks to these people for help with porting, testing, patches, finding bugs, etc.:
Adam Levar, Adam Zdunek, Alberto Squassabia, Alexander Samoilov, Allan Stokes, Andre Mazzone, Andy Jewell, Axel Thimm, Bernd Mohr, Bert Still, Bill Homer, Brad Lucier, Carlos Silva, Cass W. Everitt, C. Chan, Chris Jeffery, Christopher Noll, Dan Horn, Daniel A. White, Daniel Roehrig, Dave Banks, Dave Raczkowski, David Skinner, Derrick Bass, Ed Hill, Eric Allen Jones, Eric Chabanat, Erik Deumens, Gabriel Dos-Reis, Gary Huber, Geoff Leyland, Gregory V. Wilson, Hanh Huynh Huu, Heinrich Roder, Hyman Rosen, Jason Riedy, Jens Lenge, Jim Peterson, Jody Goldberg, Jody Winston, Johannes Aschauer, Johannes Gross, John Lapeyre, John W. Eaton, Josef Grosch, Julian Cummings, Kevin Copps, Kevin Jacobs, Kumar Neelakantan, Len Lattanzi, Martin Kahlert, Martin Reinecke, Matthew Litwin, Matthias Mueller, Matthias Troyer, Mattias Lindstrom, Meers Oppenheim, Meik Hellmund, Michael Karbach, Michael McLaughlin, Mumit Khan, Nathan Myers, Niall Dalton, Oleg Krivosheev, Oleg Orlov, Paul F. Dubois, Peter Bienstman, Peter Nordlund, Petter Urkedal, Phil Austin, Philippe Prados, Pierre-Alain Genilloud, Prem Anand Manmohanra, Raymond Beausoleil, Ricardo Gayoso, Richard Hindmarsh, Rick Mann, Scott Determan, Scott Haney, Sean O'Keeffe, Stephen Booth, Ted Irons, Ted Smith, Theodore Papadopoulo, Thomas James Byer, Thomas Kunert, Tim Brunne, Tobias Naehring, Wada Tatsuaki, Wei Ku, Werner W. Schulz, Xiaohui Wu, York Xylander, ...
Please let us know if your name ought to be here.


  • The Blitz++ project started at the Vision and Image Processing Lab in the Dept. of Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo (Canada). Many thanks to Ed Jernigan and the VIP group for hosting the Blitz++ web pages and project.
  • This project was supported in part by the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada) under their PGS A program.
  • The Future Technologies Group at NERSC provided Todd with an internship at Berkeley Labs to work on Blitz++ in early 1998. They have also provided access to their supercomputers for benchmarking and performance tuning of the library. Thanks to Bill Saphir for arranging this visit.
  • The Advanced Computing Laboratory hosted Todd as an intern at Los Alamos National Labs to work on Blitz++ over the summer of 1998. They too have provided access to several platforms for benchmarking and tuning. Big thanks to Rod Oldehoeft for arranging this visit. Blitz++ has benefitted from many discussions with POOMA team members at ACL.
  • Blitz++ was then hosted for a while at the Extreme Computing Laboratory at Indiana University Bloomington.
  • .. and is now living at the Open Systems Laboratory at Indiana University Bloomington.